Solar Power - Why Choose a Solar Powered System for Your Home?

Solar power has great potential as an energy source for many different types of residential homes and businesses. Most people know that getting energy from the sun is a "clean", environmentally-friendly and renewable way to generate energy. What most people don't know, however, is that solar power is affordable for many homeowners, and after the initial investment, it pays for itself plus allows you to draw power from your system for free.

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It is possible to supplement your home's power need with solar energy, or you can power your entire home completely on energy from the sun. A system that is designed to only supplement your need for power will, of course, cost less than a complete solar home heating system. Figure out what your specific needs and goals are and then look for a kit that will meet your needs. If a kit seems like a great expense, think of it as an investment: in the future you will be able to draw free energy form the sun after you have saved enough money in energy bills to cover the price of the kit.

Residential home systems can be reasonably easy to install if you have the right space. Kits are available that contain a PV or photovoltaic collector unit which allows the system to collect the energy from the suns rays and convert it into electricity. It will also come with mounting frames and hardware so that you can position your solar panel in the best possible location to soak up the highest amount of sunlight. The best place to position your solar panel is on a south facing roof where it will get sunlight for the longest period of time during the day.

Batteries are also an important part of a system because it allows you to store the energy produced by your solar panels for later use - even when the sun is not shining. Like the solar panels themselves, the battery isn't cheap but the energy savings really add up. Typically, homeowners who install a solar power system see a return on investment in money saved on energy bills in as little as three years or as many as ten years. Read more about what does going green mean.

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