Solar Power Birdbaths - How to Choose and Set Up a Bird Bath

Solar power birdbaths provide clean, moving water fit for drinking, bathing and playing. These units are designed to filter the water and create either a spray fountain or a bubbling stream of water for the delight and enjoyment of its feathered visitors. Installing a bird bath is one of the easiest ways to get a close up view of our feathered friends.

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Bird baths attract more species of birds than feeders, but its visitors are quite particular about their water source. They do not enjoy stagnate, dirty water that is contaminated with insects or algae. Let your birdbath get dirty, and resident birds will quickly learn to avoid the grimy bath in favor of any pools of fresh water they can find on the ground or elsewhere.

The goal of the bird bath is to gently move the water. These units filter and recycle the water in the dish and will automatically turn off if the level gets too low. The splishing and splashing sounds will attract many varieties of birds.

If you're considering a solar power bird bath, here are some things to think about:

  • Select a solar power birdbath with an integrated solar panel or a stand-alone solar panel. Integrated units do not produce as much power since the water covers the panel.

  • Look for a unit that has a light sensor which will only operate the pump during daylight hours. Otherwise, during the night, the splashing sounds of the water may attract raccoons and other nocturnal creatures.

  • Look for a unit with a quiet pump which sucks the water from below and pushes it to the top through a bubble faucet or a sprinkler. Birds are easily spooked and may not return if the pump is too loud.

  • You can retrofit an existing birdbath with a portable solar power water pump or sprinkler. Anchor these down in the center of the bath or the wind can easily knock them over.

  • Check to see if your pump is rated for winter use. Some come with heaters but may still get damaged if the temperature drops too low and water freezes inside of the unit.

Where to Place Solar Power Birdbaths

  • Consider purchasing a unit with a separate solar panel. The stand-alone unit can be placed in a sunny location while the bath can be placed at a distance in a shady spot.

  • If your unit has an integrated solar panel, place it in a location that has direct, afternoon light. The solar panel will generate the most electric current when the sun is at is highest in the sky.

  • Place the unit in an open area where the birds have plenty of vantage points and escape routes. Birds want a trustworthy location where they can splash and play and not have to be on constant guard for predators.

  • Birds like to have a nearby tree so they can quickly escape to an overhanging branch. However, the branches should not shadow the solar panel or else the pump will stop operating.

  • Place the unit within reaching distance of a hose. During dry-spells, these watering holes will be in high demand.

  • Place the unit in view of a window so you can sit inside and watch the frolicking birds.

Solar power birdbaths are an easy way to provide a great place for birds to visit while also offering regular entertainment for birdwatchers.