About Solar Power Post Caps

Solar power post caps can be used on fence posts, deck posts or alone on stakes to add practical and beautiful accent lighting to any landscape and yard design. They are easy to install and require very little maintenance other than the occasional cleaning, plus they last for a very long time. A proud homeowner or gardener who wants to extend the beauty and usefulness of their yard into the twilight hours may find that these solar power ornaments offer a welcoming addition to their landscape.

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solar post caps have individual solar panels that convert and store the sun's energy in batteries. After the sun goes down, the energy-efficient LED lights (light emitting diodes) turn on and illuminate pathways and deck perimeters. Most lights will stay on for over 8 hours but the duration depends on the amount of sunlight collected during the day.

Benefits Over Electrical Lights

  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to attach to posts.

  • Adds perimeter lighting to highlight deck rails, steps and pathways, making it easier for homeowners and visitors to navigate the yard or just enjoy time outside after the sun has set.

  • Each of the post caps are independent and are not connected to an electrical cable. No outdoor electrical connections are needed.

  • There are no ongoing electrical costs since they are powered by the sun.

  • Solar post caps come in a variety of styles to fit into most yard designs. Most caps are designed to fit 4" x 4" posts, but you can look for units that come with attachments to fit posts up to 8" x 6".

The light from post caps is cool and bluish-white in color, unlike the yellowish bright tone that comes from traditional incandescent light bulbs. They're bright enough for perimeter lighting but still muted enough that they are unlikely to disturb the privacy of you or your neighbors.

The easiest way to incorporate solar power post caps into a yard is to pick a style that is consistent with the fence or deck. With a bit of creativity, you can add stacks along pathways, around a gazebo or along a stairway to add warmth and elegance to your yard.