Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power

Solar power has suffered somewhat in popularity. Due to the high initial cost of the equipment and installation, homeowners haven't yet whole-heartedly embraced this environmentally-friendly alternative energy source. With more research and investment, however, interest in solar power continues to grow, helping to reduce pollution as well as our dependence on fossil fuels. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about solar power:

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The Basics of Solar Power

Sunlight can be harvested to provide electricity and heat. Since solar energy is widely spread out, there are different methods to collect and concentrate it to provide enough energy for our needs.

General Solar Power FAQ

Solar panels convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. Solar cells are made out of semiconductor material and produce DC electricity which can then be stored in batteries or used to operate lights and appliances.

Solar Heating FAQ

Humans have been heating homes with the sun for thousands of years, but can it work for a modern home? Heating and cooling a house is one of the major consumption sources of energy.

"How-To" FAQs

The Technical Side of Solar Power

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