Examples of Solar Energy - Residential Uses

Solar energy is being more widely used every day. The efficiency of solar power also continues to improve, making it even more attractive for both residential and business use. What are some examples of solar energy? Examples can be found everywhere today.

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Basic Tasks

Solar power has been around for a very long time. The simplest examples of solar energy use can be found in basic tasks, such as using the sun to dry clothes or food.

Powering the Household

These days, some homeowners turn to solar home heating or solar water heating to power their homes. Things like the clothes washer & dryer, heating hot water for the bath, powering the oven, and of course lighting in the home, can all be run with solar power. Even outdoor living spaces can be enhanced through the use of solar garden lights!

Homeowners who utilize solar energy often install solar roof tiles to collect the energy from the sun. Despite the positive effect on the environment and the cost savings from being "off the grid", the popularity of solar power has been hampered somewhat by the initial investment cost. You could build your own solar panels to save money - although such an undertaking isn't for everyone.

Recreational Use

Outside of residential homes, other examples of solar energy include the use of solar power to power cars, planes, boats, and RVs. Small things can also be done with solar power, such as charging batteries or using solar to power laptop computers. A solar powered backpack is an easy and portable way to charge small electronics. Uses of solar power are everywhere ... sometimes they're small examples, sometimes large, but either way, the use of this sustainable source of power is a step in the right direction towards a more environmentally-friendly future.